The Sumac Centre is a volunteer-run social & community space based in Forest Fields, Nottingham.

Established in 2001, the Sumac has been a hub for many people over the years. Information about our history can be found here.

Whilst many activities are affected by covid-19 precautions, with your support, we can build back better than ever.

From March 2020 Sumac Centre and Veggies Catering Campaign hosted a Community Food Hub for the distribution of foods around our community, for those isolated at home or those that wished to distance themselves from supermarkets. The provision of fresh foods is being reduced as we repurpose the venue for other activities, but the Food Hub Club continues with packaged goods, ‘loose’ wholefoods and eco-household products.

Sunday Brunch continues every Sunday from 11am – 2pm, as it has without a break since March 2020.

People’s Kitchen communal meal is back at 7pm on some Saturdays for occasional fundraising evening meals.

Forest Fields Social Club bar runs on Sundays from 12noon – 4pm and for other events as shown on the Events Diary.

Events shown on the diary are subject to change and the space is available for hire.

It is advised to check The Sumac Centre Facebook Group, or the Events Diary, before traveling from afar.

The Sumac also provides resources and a meeting space for groups and individuals working to promote social justice, environmental awareness, peace, and animal rights.

We support community resistance projects, as well as being the home to Nottingham Green Festival, Nottingham Animal Rights and Veggies Catering Campaign.

The space is sometimes used for music events, film showings and sales in order to raise money and awareness.

We organise co-operatively, without managers or bosses, and all volunteers have a say in how the centre is run.  Open organising meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month (including online participation) and operate by consensus.

Our aim is to provide a safer space for local people to meet other socially conscious individuals in a relaxed and friendly environment.

To find out what’s going on check subscribe to the Sumac News mailing list or join the The Sumac Centre Facebook group – like Sumac itself this is a d-i-y space, so may not be regularly moderated .

To organise events and activities at Sumac contact us with your proposal or see the event submission guidelines.

Comments or questions are welcome.

If you wish to book the space for an event, check the diary for availability before sending your request, including time, date, description of proposal and contact details (including phone no)

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