Event Submission

Read these guidelines before filling out the submission form.

Before you start, to check that your chosen date is available, open the Sumac Diary in a fresh tab. Note that the Month View show all regular events whilst there List View only shows the first of a recurring series, so be careful not to clash with a regular booking.

If your event is on a Saturday evening be sure to contact Sumac to confirm whether you have discussed your event with the Bar Group and whether you are proposing to include the People’s Kitchen meal as part of your event. Use the contact form or email sumac@riseup.net to send your event name, your email address and/or phone number when submitting the event, in case there are ant queries.

If you have successfully added an event before, submit your event here, (or use the admin interface), otherwise read on

Be as detailed and accurate as possible and check carefully before submitting.
If certain information is missing it is possible your event won’t be published.

  • Event Title: Obvious, really!
  • Event Description: What it says. Include any relevant links, eg to campaign websites.
  • Event Categories: Tick if the event is open to the public!
  • Event Image: Include one if possible – it really helps the event stand out.
  • Event Time and Date: Must be correct – check time & date; and check again!
  • Venue Details: This should be left as the default location, the Sumac Centre.
  • Organiser Details: At least a Group Name & website is useful. If the organiser can be contacted via their website do not include phone number & email address here.  All info in this section is publicly visible.  If you do not want any details to be published, please send us a courtesy message so that we can contact you privately in case of emergency.
  • Event Website: Preferably the organiser’s actual event page URL, (otherwise a Facebook event link)

Once your event has been confirmed by an email from the moderator, post details to Sumac Centre on Facebook and send an announcement to Sumac@Riseup.net, requesting that it is forwarded to the [SumacNews] mailing list.

Further room booking info is archived at http://www.veggies.org.uk/campaigns/sumac-centre/room-hire/

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