The Sumac Centre is Your Space.

We don’t just provides resources and a meeting space for groups and individuals working to promote social justice, environmental awareness, peace, and animal rights,

Sumac is available for children’s parties and other family celebrations, for playgroups, community group meetings and fundraisers, for band rehearsals,  natural healthcare, skillshares, workshops & cookery sessions, craft fairs and a whole lot more.

It can even be a home from home for those wishing to work away from home! Facilities include mailboxes, fast wi-fi, computer projector and tea & coffee.

We organise co-operatively, without managers or bosses, and all volunteers have a say in how the centre is run.

The space is sometimes used for music events, film showings and other regular events. You can see general availability on the [Events-Diary].

To organise events and activities at Sumac send your proposal by  email -here-  or see the event submission guidelines.