Sumac Organising Group Agenda

6pm prompt. 2nd Saturday Monthly

Introductions, facilitator, minute taker
(please identify the following headings on the minutes)

Present / Apologies

Well Being Check-in / Qualms / Big Ups

Action Points from previous meeting
(check for copy the minutes in the blue minutes ring file)

User Groups / working groups:
– Kitchen / Peoples Kitchen

– Bar

– Residents

– Finance group

– Veggies

– Cinema
– Computers
– Garden
– Library/Book Stall
– Social Centres Network
– Youth Club


Urgent & Current In-Tray


Email (review past messages & elect someone to check for next time)

Message Book & Phone Messages

Room Bookings (check bookings diary as well as online diary)

Maintenance – Jobs Book – Work Priorities

(Health & Safety review /cleaning)

(Propose a week in advance, preferably by email)

Any Other Business

Announcements, events, demos etc

Identify Facilitator / minute taker for Next Meeting – 2nd Saturday next month

* Working groups should have feedback prepared and preferably already distributed on mailing list. Feedback should answer these questions- Do you need more members? Is anyone leaving your group? Do you have any CLEAR FULLY FORMED PROPOSALS that the sumac needs to decide upon?

* We’d also like to add a ‘big-ups’ and a ‘well-being check in’ to the start of the meeting to give some space to positive feedback and say how we’re doing (if people feel comfortable to).

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