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Punk 4 Homeless

Punk fundraiser for homeless street children via Casa Alianza. Last Saturday of every month. Full event details

The Bleeding Obvious presents Rainbow Heart

“Life is never quite as straight as it seems…”

What happens when you tumble out of the closet and find yourself trying to work out exactly where you are on the gender and sexuality spectrum?

Rainbow Heart, the new musical show from The Bleeding Obvious endeavours to describe the experience through songs and tales of joy, grief, happiness, loss and defiance.

Featuring tracks from her debut album as well as new tunes, let The Bleeding Obvious take you on a rollercoaster rainbow ride…

With support from Helen Rhodes (The Thinking Chimp).

8:30pm at The Sumac Centre, Nottingham.


Seize The Day Before the Green Festival

A Pre-Festival Warm-up on Saturday 16th September at the Sumac Centre, beginning with a People’s Kitchen Meal at 7pm, followed by a Special Benefit Gig by/for Seize The Day, the campaigning activist folk band that are coming all the way from Somerset to support Nottingham Green Festival.

As many of you may be too busy to enjoy all the bands, spoken word performers, busters, kids entertainers, acoustic acts and other activities on the day, join us for this special opportunity to see this amazing band.

This event may also double as an after-party for the Stuff Of Life Festival being held at the nearby Hedley Villas Park from 12-6pm on that Day Before the Green Festival.

Fundraiser for Roy the dog.

Fundraiser to get a plaque and tree for the Sumac garden, for Roy (George’s dog that rece   :)ntly passed).

Live bands:  Hobo on a Freight Train, Asbo Peep Show, Prisoners of War & UK Skunk.

Donations of about £3 welcomed   🙂


W.S.O. (Acoustic Punx, Poets,jacket spuds & cakes) proceeds to Sumac & Emmanuel House

Community Circle Anniversary Party

In Nottingham we have a quiet revolution going on.

We have MakerSpaces, community focussed markets and gardens, food collectives, small shops, skills exchanges, fix-it stalls and swapshops. Alongside them we have the rise of homegrown slow food, baked bread made from organic flour from our windmill, bicycles and walking. Operating on a human scale together we are creating an earth-friendly economy and becoming the heart of healthy neighbourhood. These are direct challenges to the consumer society in its expansive earth damaging form.

NGcircle is part of this challenge. Together we demonstrate how magic can happen when we start talking, listening and trusting each other.

Sigh Night!

The election is over and nothing’s changed? Diminish your distress with some fantastic vegetarian food, followed by an evening of cocktails and chilled-out beats.

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