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People’s Kitchen

People’s Kitchen is a community café where people can get a good vegan meal for a suggested donation.

Half funds raised keep the Sumac open, and the other half are fundraisers for grassroots causes, nominate by the group running each evening.

To volunteer to co-ordinate a session, please get in touch.  Help is also appreciated with tasks such as chopping, serving and cleaning. Visit the People’s Kitchen page to read more about how it works!

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Cash4Antifash /// Midlands AFN Fundraiser

We are raising money for The Midlands Anti-Fascist Network. All proceeds go directly into building the fight against racism and fascism across the Midlands!
Live Music-

James Bar Bowen
12 Dead In Everett
“We play syndicate-folk, anarcho-Americana and old time rebel songs – music to fan the flames of discontent and tell the Boss to go to hell.”
Lily Gaskell
Acoustic folk punk

+ more bands

Vegan grub by Yemoja Foods

(suggested donation for food ~£3.50)

***Cheap Bar + cocktails + quiz***

There’s a safer spaces policy, so don’t be a knob head 


People’s Kitchen for Critical Mass

People’s Kitchen is a community café where people can get a good vegan meal for a suggested donation.

Joanne Swann says:

Critical Mass fundraiser booked into Sumac Centre for Sat 2nd April. We want to raise some funds to have some fliers/boards printed up to make Mass bigger and better. We will be doing a Peoples’ Kitchen, and could have some entertainment and do a flag making workshop too. If you can help with the night (cooking, washing up, providing entertainment, helping with the flag making), please FB message me or email me at swannjo@yahoo.com.

Visit People’s Kitchen to read more and see an updated calendar of upcoming events!


Punk 4 the Homeless Gig

Punk fundraiser for homeless street children via Casa Alianza. Last Saturday of every month.

Suggested donation: 3 quid

Plus Peoples Kitchen

Green Festival Social

People’s Kitchen on Saturday 20th June at Sumac will be a fundraiser for Nottingham Green Festival, followed by a social.

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