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Building XR Nottm Rebel Assembly

Let’s create the most beautiful, powerful and regenerative XR Nottingham that we can!

The process will be built around 2 sessions, with the morning session feeding into the afternoon session. All Nottingham Rebels are invited to attend at least one session, preferably both.

If you are new to XR, please turn up to a fast-track 30min long welcome session at either 10am or 1pm.


Non-violent Direct Action Training

We will cover the following:

-The history of NVDA

-What makes NVDA successful?

-What’s your personal definition to guide your actions?

-Practical skills in actions  Everyone welcome


The Monday Meet Up Sessions with Extinction Rebellion Nottingham

The Monday Meet Up Sessions

All Welcome to friendly, supportive, interactive sessions

8th Nov. From Despair to Empowerment

Sharing our hopes, fears, frustrations enables us to keep going, avoid burn out, build trust, and create the strong and supportive relationships we need in the climate movement. We will emerge refreshed, inspired and re invigorated. based on Active Hope by Joanna Macy

15th Nov. How to talk about the climate after COP

Practise in talking persuasively to friends, colleagues, on stalls, to MPs , anyone. Skills of deep listening, bridge building across differences, de bunking Greenwash, challenging Government and fossil fuel companies and still offering hopeful possibilities

22nd Nov. Non Violent Direct Action N.V.D.A.

We will cover the following. Our long and noble world wide history. What makes NVDA successful? What’s your personal definition to guide your actions? Practical skills in actions.

29th Nov. De escalation techniques as part of Non Violent Action.

For individuals in heated conflict, angry members of the public, for groups and police in non violent actions, for ourselves when we get agitated. Skills and strategies to practice.

WHERE? Sumac Centre, 245, Gladstone St,NG7 6HX
WHEN? 7.15 till 9pm
WHO FOR? everyone welcome however new or experienced

Hosted by Extinction Rebellion Nottingham

Summer Craft Fair

Our popular Summer Craft Fair. There will be lots of lovely crafts to browse and buy including patchwork, crochet, wood and paper crafts and jewellery, and yummy food from the Women’s Culture Exchange Group, music and socialising. Don’t miss it!

Women’s Group Cob Oven Repair Session

A day for repairing the 5 year old cob oven in the Sumac yard.

ESOL is a conversation and social group primarily for women for whom English isn’t their native language.

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