Following the success of last year’s clothes swap party, I reckon it’s time to have another one.

The concept is simple; bring some clothes that you don’t wear any more and you’re happy to see the back of and take away the clothes that you like. You might rock up with 10 things to donate, but only find three things you like, or vice versa! There was a really relaxed atmosphere last time so let’s recreate that.

Entry is free, but with a suggested donation of £5 as I’m trying to raise money for Sexpression:UK. Last year we made an amazing £70, so it would be great if we could make £100.

Sexpression is an organisation where students volunteer to teach comprehensive sex and relationship education to school children. They are amazing because they offer fun and informative peer-led sex education, and cover important issues such as LGBTQ and consent. The money would help ensure quality training to the students. To find out more visit:

Everyone is welcome! It would be great if we could get some more male-identified individuals rocking up for a clothes swap too.

Tell all your friends and let’s have a knees up!

I’m sure we can arrange some cake too….